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Vitamix vs Ninja


Two of the most popular blenders on the market come from Ninja and Vitamix. To uncover what product works better, it is important to put the two appliances head to head in Ninja vs Vitamix tests. This review will discuss the results.

The Good

ninja vs vitamix After numerous independent tests were performed on Vitamix vs Ninja blenders, there are some positives to mention about each product. The first comparison considers the build and quality of each unit.

The Ninja Kitchen System has a 72 ounce pitcher with a single serve cup attachment. This is convenient for a person who wants to create large amounts of food or beverages for parties and also smaller amounts for individual servings. Also, the Ninja has a blending pitcher with a built in pour spout. This makes it easy to serve guests without mess. Finally, the construction of the unit will be secure on the counter during use. The Ninja has suction cup feet that attach to the counter, so it will not move while in operation.

The Vitamix also has a great deal of positive features. When comparing the Vitamix vs Ninja Kitchen Systems, it is obvious that the construction is much sturdier with the Vitamix. All of the major parts of the Vitamix blender are made from stainless steel. For example, the couplings and gears of the unit are all metal. This means that the unit will be durable and will not wear down easily. The blades are also connected to a steel core. This means that there is no chance of plastic pieces breaking off into food during operation.

Ninja BlenderIt is important to compare blending between the two systems. Both the Ninja Kitchen System and Vitamix 750 operate with two horsepower. When blending the same beverage, the Ninja provides a thicker texture that is filled with pieces of vegetables that did not get broken down. The Vitamix gave much smoother results.

When creating hot soup, the Vitamix brings better results as well. In one test, both blenders used a cold soup base and the same blend of vegetables. In the end, the Vitamix provided a rich consistency that was smooth to taste. Even though there are no heating elements in either blender, the Vitamix managed to provide warm soup. This was due to the blade action. The soup was as cold as ice coming out of the Ninja.

The Bad

BlenderThere are certain negatives to mention about the Ninja and Vitamix blenders. Both of the units produce loud noise during operation. However, the strong motors are the major reason for this problem. Upon closer examination, the Vitamix has many more positive features.

From the very start, the Ninja is difficult to attach to its base. The Ninja pitcher must awkwardly be adjusted to lock into place. Also, the lid is hard to line up and seal. In total, the entire feel of the Ninja seems cheap and inferior to the Vitamix. The cord is extremely thin on the Ninja and thicker on the Vitamix as well.

The Ninja mixer claims to have six speeds, but the keypad only has four buttons. Two of these options are for pulse and the single serve attachment. The high and low settings are not very variable. The couplings and gears are crafted from plastic as well. This means that there is a high likelihood that the unit will wear down and break quickly.

Inside of the Ninja, there is a triple blade that is extremely sharp. The manufacturer claims that this is for the unique technology that crushes and blends. However, the blades are extremely sharp and can cause injury to the user. Also, the blades are connected to a plastic core. This can beak off into the food during processing.

Vitamix Professional 500 It is important to discuss the dimensions of the Vitamix vs Ninja as well. The design of the Ninja is higher than the Vitamix to accommodate the blades. This means that it will take up more space on the counter top. It will be problem for a kitchen with low cupboard clearance.

The blending results of the Ninja were not as impressive as the Vitamix. As previously discussed, the Ninja’s results were thicker with clumps of food that did not get adequately chopped. The soup that was made in the Ninja had an adequate texture, but it failed to heat up like the Vitamix.

Our Choice

vitamix vs ninja After careful comparison between the Ninja vs Vitamix blenders, the results tend to support choosing the Vitamix blender. It contains higher quality construction with parts that are made in the USA. The unit performed better in all independent consumer tests and comes with a seven year warranty. Even though the Vitamix appliance is a bit more expensive, it will be well worth the investment. It will last a long time and provide professional results every time.

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Ninja vs Vitamix
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